Be a Service Provider at NCVSD

One of the key elements of NCVSD, is the many service providers available for our guests to access during their 4-day stay with us. We strive to help Veterans get more done in 4 days than they would do on their own in weeks. It is only possible by our kind service providers. There is no cost to be a service provider, and all services provided must be free to our guests.

The majority of service providers are housed in our mall area, which is open Thursday through Sunday, 9-5. The days with the most foot traffic in the mall are Friday and Saturday.

We provide a covered space, tables and chairs. There is a designated service provider parking lot where you will be checked in and golf carts will help you shuttle any items you need to move from your cart to the tent. If you require other equipment, electricity or have other questions, please contact us. We strive to provide the most we can for Veterans and their families and we hope you will join us during the NCVSD 2021.

NCVSD COVID-19 Protocols for Service Providers

Please email our operations team at to register.

Types of Service Providers We Need

  • Educational Institutions
  • Tax services
  • Dentistry Services
  • Veterinarian Services
  • Catering Services to provide box lunches
  • Legal Services
  • Hairstylist and Barbers
  • Veteran Non-Profits
  • Not on our list but think your organization or business would be a good fit? Please contact us for more information

What We Have Accomplished

The Impact We Make By The Numbers.


Meals Served

Everyone needs a warm meal, and our Veterans get exactly that at the Stand Down.


Eye Glasses

150 eyeglasses were made and distributed on site, and 100 eye exams given to Veterans.


Court Fines Forgiven

Fines cleared for things like loitering. Enabling the Veterans to get a job more easily.



Our sponsors continue to support us each year, to help to make an impact for our Veterans.